Kershaw County High Point Trip Report

Date: March, 1999
Author: Fred Lobdell

The HP (house and 22 acres) is owned by a Ms. Amanda Fontaine, who purchased it within the past year. She is engaged in fixing it up (the house dates from 1840) and would like to turn it into a B-and-B, so it may cost you something to visit this one in the future. I found Ms. Fontaine to be an agreeable hostess who showed me around and had no problem with my probably perverse desire to stand on the highest ground I could find.

As I was leaving, I offered to show her the Xerox copy of the map with her house on it. "Oh, thank you very much!" she said. It hadn't been my intention to give her the map, but I didn't want to mess things up for those who followed me, so I pretended that had been my intention all along. The things I do for you guys!From the intersection of SC 97 and 522 in the hamlet of Liberty Hill, go south on 97 about a mile (I'm doing this without a map, remember!) to the new post office on the right. Right behind the post office is a dirt driveway ascending the Kershaw Co. HP. I found Ms. Fontaine working about halfway up the hill. Please don't abuse her hospitality in the future.