Laurens County High Point Trip Report

Big Knob (945 ft)

Date: September 30, 1998
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

I was able to drive off of Bethel Grove church road onto the gravel driveway and through the posted gate which was open. I arrived at radio towers and a building (with radiation warning signs) just below the final dogleg to the summit (building is square on topo, towers not shown). The workers said they had never been beyond the tower to the summit but allowed me to go on. They said that I would have to hurry because they had come for a quick check of only ten minutes. If they locked the gate before I was out, I'd be locked in. The summit has old fire tower (posted "enter at your own risk"). A rock outcrop before and another after the tower are close in height but I vote for the one before. I made it out in time.