Lee County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 7, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

There are five areas that are candidates for the Lee Co. HP; I did the southernmost and the westernmost ones. For access to this area, follow the directions for Sumter County.

After doing the Sumter Co. HP, return to county 241 the way you came. Turn left (north) on 241 and go about 1 mile or a little more, staying right at the fork, to a height of land. The southernmost area is shown as being in the woods on the left, but slope are quite subtle and it all looked fairly flat to me.

Continue north on 241 a little less than a mile to where a road (shown as county 37) joins 241 at an angle from the right. Another area is southeast down this road at a height of land about a quarter mile from the intersection, but I didn't go down there.

Two more areas are north from this intersection. The larger of these, about 1000 feet north, is shown as having two houses at its far end, and all the driveways into the area are gated and posted. It will require permission to visit this area.

The other area is a small one about 0.6 miles north of this intersection, and may well also be on private property. It could be difficult to locate if it's in woods.

Continue north on 241 another mile or so to a "T" intersection, and turn left (west). Drive about a quarter mile to a height of land in the hamlet of Spring Hill and park by the lodge on your right (north). Walk across the street and wander around in the abandoned orchard where the high ground is. This has the "feel" of a HP, but of course I have no way of knowing if it is indeed the true HP of the county.