Lee County High Point Trip Report

5 spots on Spring Hill (440 ft)

Date: 3 June 2000
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

Because of the very gradual terrain along the summit ridge, I think the small second and third areas must barely reach the contour and are the least likely candidates for true HP. I also suspect that the town and tower sites were deliberately chosen at the HP and that the first spot is the true HP. Since the area is wooded and hand-level use impractical, these remain speculations and we went to all 5. I had trouble getting my photocopied topos to mesh with the road atlas. The following route stays on paved roads but is not the most direct (see notes on Sumter Co.). From Dalzell (at the water tower and Dalzell Plaza) on US 521 turn north and drive to the T at the water company, you can turn either way (left is faster) and follow it to Black River Road - SC 43. Turn left onto 43, drive to 441, and turn right (signed for Woodrow). Drive several miles to the sign for Spring Hill (SC 37) and turn left. Drive several miles (passing the points discussed below) to SC 7. Turn left and drive a mile to the town of Spring Hill.

1. Park at the historic lodge just before the water tower on the right. The road cut through the hill, so you will need to ascend to high ground on both sides of the road. The tower no longer stands but you can see one of the footings in the grassy area as you ascend to the water tower.

2. Backtrack to SC 37 and watch closely with topo in hand. After about 0.6 or 0.7 just as you crest there is a small pull out on the left, and a pathway goes into the trees to the smallest of the 5 spots. The scattered mounds probably from root balls from down trees being partially covered by natural processes are strange and if deemed natural, one of them must be the HP.

3. Continuing back on SC 37, you will find in the next half-mile up to the junction with SC 241, you will find three posted driveways on the left. Providentially, the second one was open and we drove through to this usually inaccessible spot.

4. Less than a half mile beyond the junction the road crests the fourth spot; we walked a bit on both sides of the road at what appeared to be the highest ground.

5. Backtrack the half mile to the junction with SC 241 and drive down it 1.5 mi. (half mile or so past jct. with SC 302) to a turnout on the right (there are no signs here; though we found signs just ahead on the road when we headed out). Entering the woods on the right, we followed open areas in the woods past a bunch of down logs, bearing left awhile and then right to a large wide mound with small plants springing up on it. We took this to be the 5th HP.