Marlboro County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 7, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

From the intersection of US 1 and SC 9 in the community of Wallace, go east on 9 about a mile, then turn left (northeast) on SC 177. Go about 3 miles (very rough estimate) to Hatcher Hill Rd. and turn left (northwest). (If you cross under the railroad tracks and get to the hamlet of Fulton, you've gone too far.) Go about a mile to the height of land. (Warning: the railroad crossing at about a half mile is posted for 15 mph. THEY MEAN IT! If you hit it at 40, you may well go airborne.)

The HP should be on your left about a quarter mile into the woods. The woods, however, are posted by the E. D. Pew Timber Co. of Darlington, SC. There is a gated dirt road a short distance back down the hill from the way you came that looks like it might provide easy access into the area, but this, too, is posted. From the topo map it would appear that you could walk into the woods more or less on the level for a few hundred feet, then climb to the crest of a fairly well-defined hill, which is not visible from the road. What was visible from the road was a fair amount of blackberry and greenbrier in the undergrowth, so if you get permission to do this hike, long pants are probably a good idea.