Oconee County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 18, 2003
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

I recently repeated both hp candidates with Bob Packard, which prompted further thought about the second spot while walking back in the rain. We think Fork Mountain is the true hp rather than the other spot. Fork Mtn has an elevation of 3294 feet, or 14 feet above the 3280 contour. The second spot is a small rise near the state line (not a liner). This bump is only a couple feet above the saddle, which is less than 3280. It is far less than eye-level height above the saddle, clearly less than the required 14 feet. Anyone who does Fork Mountain can claim the county.

The route up Fork Mtn had several ribbons, including one at the hp. The bridge over the river on the trail to the Chattooga was out, so we crossed the river on a large down tree. We then climbed the southeast ridge up Fork Mountain, passing one false summit. Because of the rain, it was good we had the map, because we could not see higher ground from the false summit. After the false summit, the ribbons were more frequent and more noticeable.

On the way back, just before re-crossing the river over the downed tree, we found an old trail back to the Fish Hatchery. The old trail was plenty wide (old road?), but frequently had fallen trees over it which required ducking.