Oconee County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 18, 2003
Author: Kevin Williamson

Did both spots but agree that the northern spot does not need to be visited. The route with ribbons leads to the fish hatchery. The attendant has no problem with people using this route but asks that they do not enter the hatchery to do so. To get to the ribbons, park in the parking area, and cross the river to the fence. Do not enter the fence, but instead go west along it until you reach the end. Then turn right (north), and continue to the end of the fence. Then turn right (east) and hike to the two brick buildings. Here you should see an overgrown, grassy woods road, which you should follow north and northwest to its end at the boundary of the fish hatchery area. Look for ribbons there, and follow them upward to the false summit and then to the main summit. Except for the small dip between these summits, you should never go down.