Saluda County High Point Trip Report

2 unnamed spots (680 ft)

Date: 3 June 2000
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

The two spots are in a huge flattish area and not at all obvious. We did our best. From I-20 exit 33 go north for about 10 miles on SC 39 to Monetta and then go six miles west on SC 23 (not US 1) to Ward. Just past the church is a road on the right this goes a block (just before it curves right) with shoulder parking and possible to bushwhack to the HP (not posted but brushy, kids said it was "full of ticks and snakes"). We decided it would be better to backtrack to 23 and go to the next driveway. No one was home at the trailer so we just drove up their road another tenth mile or so to the apparent HP. For the other spot, return to 23 again and continue west less than a mile to the next road (on right and then almost immediately after on left). From the house at this corner to the next couple farms there are several jeep tracks going off to the right. We drove a couple of them and looked for the highest ground at two orchards.