Spartanburg County Highpoint Trip Report

Bird Mtn (1,496 ft)

Date: August 4, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

This one turned out to be harder than I had expected then easier. As noted, by Shannon Dillmore, previous trip reports contradict each other.

SH 14 is exit 1 off of I-26. I had a little problem telling my right from my left when I got to US 176 but, once I got that issue straightened out, finding Blackstock Road was easy. I was unable to find the gravel drive with the "Jennings" sign off of Bird Mountain Road and kept going into Greenville County where the road changed to Lockhart Road. At the stop sign, I turned right onto Butter Road then right again onto Bird Mountain Ridge Road, coming toward the mountain from the west.

This road wound through some very nice homes and ended up in a cul-de-sac about 250 yards from the HP. Walked up the driveway to the closest house, presumably the one on the topo very close to the county line. Knocked on the door but nobody was home.

Now I am on the horns of a quandry? What am I to do? Think, Pooh Bear, Think. 200 yards later I am at the top through an easy bushwhack. Got back to the car with no incident.

I later learned that Fred Lobdell may have pioneered this particular route.