Bon Homme County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 31, 2004
Author: Ken Oeser

From the Douglas CoHP, at N 43-11-51, W 98-06-35, go 300 feet south, turn left (east) on a gravel road and go 2 miles, turn right (south) onto a paved road and drive south 2.8 miles and turn right into a farm. We talked to a man there (can't remember the name) who gave us permission to hike into his fields to the highpoint. He said someone had told him that the highpoint was in the cornfield but we thought in was in pasture near his cows. We had first driven just south of his farm and then west on the next road for the farm just north of the road shown on the topo but it is gone.

Once in the middle of the fields, it seems the highpoint was in corn at this time but a cut grass area along a fence got us within 150 feet of the highpoint, so we didn't have much trouble reaching it. Leveling showed that this point, within the largest contour, is the highest of the 6 here. We did some other leveling from the south before the hike that showed this area higher than the southern 3 in the potato field.

Total hike about 2/3 mile.