Brookings County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 28, 2001
Author: David Olson

A good highpointer always brings a map. For those who left their DeLorme atlas at home, here are some directions put together from the 1:250K maps. Go to a point on US 75 due east of the HP area. This is located 8+ miles south of the town of Ivanhoe MN, or 5.5 miles north of the town of Lake Benton MN. Go 8.3 miles dues west on county road to the state line. Go a short distance north on unimproved road to where it turns west onto a farmer's property.

I went up on the crest of the Coteau des Prairies. First, I went to the east Brookings SD CoHP area. There is a farmstead on top of it. It appears highest about half-way between the house and the MN/SD state line, on the left (south) side of their road.

After I visited it, I went to the 7 county HP areas of Lincoln county MN, extending from one-half to three miles east of the state line and the east Brookings SD county HP area.