Brule County High Point Trip Report

three areas at Bijou Hills (2,100+ ft)

Date: May 5, 2003
Author: Dan Nielsen

Traveling on Interstate 90 exit at #272 "Pukwana" and go south on highway 5 for 15.5 miles. Turn right at the cemetery and go 1 mile west. Turn right and go two-tenths of a mile and park near a large tree and yellow sign stating both State Game Production Area and This is YOUR area.

From here I used a compass bearing of 260 or ten degrees left of due west. Ascend to the first saddle, a quick 150-foot climb, jump a fence and pick up a faint trail to the left of a possibly electric fence. Pass a mini reservoir after a half mile, go through the gate and then ascend to the highpoint.

After extensive hand leveling, I concluded that the actual highest ground is within the largest 2,100 ft contour. Great view of the Bijou Hills.

1.5 miles round trip.