Douglas County High Point Trip Report

one area at the southeast corner of the county (1,800+ ft)

Completed: July 15, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

This highpoint is an easy "liner." From the intersection of US 18 and State Route 37 just north of Tripp, proceed west on US 18 for 6 miles. Turn left at 404th Avenue (the county line) and drive south on this dirt road for almost 3 miles. The Topo map indicates that the county line intersects the road diagonally a few hundred feet north of the intersection with 289th Street. There is no county sign or marker in evidence, but the bean field clearly slopes north here. Be sure to walk up and down the west side of the road to make sure you've visited this "highpoint."

While you are in this area, consider visiting the three highpoints in Hutchinson County, which are just a little over 3 miles to the east.