Faulk County Highpoint Trip Report

eleven areas (2,010+ ft)

Date: August 4, 2004
Author: Bob Martin

All but one of these areas are near the western county line. From US212 between Seneca and Gettysburg, drive south on the county line. The most northern area is at a water tower 3 miles south.

A grass track leads to the tower from the south. A mile south, 3 areas can be found in fields near the road.

The county line road doesn't extend much farther south, so you must backtrack and move 3 miles east to a paved road. Follow this road south to a T, which is 6 miles south of US212. Turn right and go west 2 miles and south a mile. Drive west to a house on the right for permission. You can drive a short distance west to where the road becomes impassable. From here it is a good walk to cover 6 areas, some of which might be eliminated with the level.

Drive east a mile and a half to find the last area south of the road in pasture.