Gregory County Highpoint Trip Report

thirteen areas (2,360+ ft)

Date: July 15, 2004
Author: Bob Schwab

From the intersection of Routes 12 and 137 in Keya Paha County in Nebraska, go west 5.2 miles on Route 12. Turn right off from Route 12 and drive north 6.1 miles through the tiny settlement of Mills to the state line. At the state line, the road becomes Route 251 (paved). Continue north on Route 251 another 1.8 miles to County Road 35. Turn left and drive west 2 miles on CR 35. Turn left again, and continue south for 1 mile, then west for 2 miles on County Road 30B. At this point, turn right and follow a minimally maintained road north for 1.75 miles to a crest in the road. Along the way, you will pass an extremely large junkyard filled with old farm equipment. Find a small pull-off on the left side of the road and park.

Cross the fence to your east and climb up a bank to a large plateau in the cow pasture. Twelve of the thirteen contours are in this pasture but it will soon be obvious to you that the large contour is indeed the highest one. Wander around here for a while until you're satisfied you've stood on the highest point (watch those cow pies!).

Return to your car and continue north on the minimally-maintained (and badly wash-boarded) road for about another 1.6 miles. There is no sign of the Sioux Valley School, but there still is a farm and house to the east. Ask here for permission to hike east into the hayfield about 0.6 mile to visit the northern contour (# 13). You can also access this area from the southwest by backtracking south about 0.4 mile to an old grassy road that goes east into the hayfield.