Hand County Highpoint Trip Report

one area - Rocky BM (2,197 ft)

Date: August 4, 2004
Author: Bob Martin

We met a most delightful couple the evening of the 3rd, Leonard and Dorothy Fawcett. They own the land on and surrounding the hp. We told them where we wanted to go the next day and they said fine. They invited us in and asked us to sign their guest book. We asked them where would be a good place to spend the night and they said right on the lawn in front of their house. They said some other campers would be coming in later.

After we had set up camp, their son, Dennis, stopped by to visit. When we told him where we wanted to go the next day, he took Art on an ATV ride to show him the best approach for us to drive part way. After this drive in the next day, it was an easy walk to the summit.

The approach to the Fawcett residence is off of CR5, or 349 Avenue, which runs from SD34 to US14. Pick up this road off of SD34 ten miles east of Fort Thompson or at Rae Heights on US34. Then turn to the west on a road unmarked on DeLorme which is 13+ miles north of the county line or about ten miles south of US34 at Rae Heights. After 2 miles, turn right and drive north on 347 Avenue. The Fawcett residence is on the left just as the road bends right after a mile and a half.