Hanson County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (1,425+ ft)

Date: January 20, 2007
Author: Nick O'Connell

Beginning at Epiphany, South Dakota, turn off of State Highway 25 and head east on 244th Street for 2.5 miles. This road is the county line between Hanson and Miner counties. After passing a farmstead at about 2.2 miles with a mailbox labeled Wingen, approach the unmarked tri-county point of Hanson, Miner, and McCook counties. At this point, a field road runs south between two fenced-in pastures. Follow this road for about 0.4 mile.

Park just east of a low spot in the field with a tree stand and swamp that is shown on the topo map. Hike through the pasture along the south side of this tree stand to the highpoint area. The contours are only in 5 foot increments so this highpoint area is very flat and undefined. I covered the entire contour and returned back to my truck the same way I came.

Round trip: 20 minutes, 0.5 mile, 10 feet of gain.