Hughes County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 6, 2002
Author: Ken Oeser

From Mac's Corner east or Pierre west, drive on SD34 to the Hughes/Hyde county line. Park at the road crest just west of the county line sign, cross a fence and hit one contour just over the fence, and hike just over 1/4 mile north to the second area. My hand level showed no reason to visit the smallest area on the opposite side of the road. These two mid-sized areas showed to be even with each other, and the largest area across the road to the southwest leveled higher.

Drive 0.5 mile west on the highway and park on the side of the road. Cross the unposted fence and hike about 0.2 mile to the high ground. I walked all the way to the contour's southern edge thinking it was higher there, but when I turned around the middle of the contour seemed higher, so just walk around and enjoy it. The other areas hand-leveled lower from here, so this spot alone should work for you.