Lake County High Point Trip Report

five areas (1,870+ ft)

Date: September 30, 2003
Author: Bob Martin

From Madison, drive west on US81 and SD34 for 6 miles to Junius. Turn right and drive north 3.1 miles to the hp of the road. One hp area is just east of the road.

Drive north 0.9 mile, west a mile on 229 Street, and north a mile on 447 Avenue. With permission, drive or walk east a half mile on a rough grass track to the hp area near a large tank.

The largest and probably the highest area crosses 229 Street, which is CR28, 0.6 mile to 0.8 mile west of 447 Avenue. A lot of stomping in cultivated fields would be needed to find an exact hp. The areas near the road may be the highest. The small area to the east is almost as high. From it, the high part of the large area can be determined. The area southeast of the large area is out of it.