McPherson County High Point Trip Report

six areas (2,180+ ft)

Date: October 2, 2003
Authors: Bob Martin, Bob Packard, and Art Tauchen

Get to Lowell, which is at the state line, where ND3 comes south, goes east a mile, and becomes SD45. Drive west 1.3 miles, south a mile, and west 1 1/2 miles. Pull in to the house on the north side of the road and get permission. We talked with Mrs. Christianson.

One area is behind the house, and it may be the high one. The area southwest is so much lower that a level is not needed to verify it. The two areas to the east are well-defined hills that can be reached by a short walk north from the road.

For the last 2 areas, return almost to the Lowell junction, where the 2 small hills south of the state line are just a short walk south from the road.