Meade County High Point Trip Report

one area 19-4N-5E (5,460+ ft)

Date: October 25, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

Drive west out of Rapid City on Main Street, and bear right onto South Canyon Road/CR 234, which becomes Nemo Road. Go about 19 miles and pass through the hamlet of Nemo, shortly after which you turn right onto National Forest route FR 26, signed for Wonderland Cave. Zero your odometer.

Cross into Meade County at 4.8 miles and proceed to a pullout and parking at 8.0 miles. FR 26 is newly paved above Nemo, and it has been rerouted as it descends northwest toward the base of the highpoint mountain. The switchbacks shown on the topo near spot elevation 4906 are gone. As you descend, study the highpoint mountain and the ascent ridge, which are in plain view.

From the pullout, hike back up the road 100 feet, cross a fence and creek, and hike southwest up the ridge that runs toward the southeast end of the closed 5400-foot contour. This is a pleasant hike through open woods, with views. As the grade lessens, turn more northwest, pass a false summit, and work through fairly thick pine woods at least another 200 yards to the forested summit. A very large pine sits on top, now marked by pink surveyors ribbon. The summit woods are rather featureless, but all I had to do was retrace my steps through the light snow cover. A compass would be in order at other times. The area is within the general boundary of the Black Hills National Forest, but felt like an unposted private in-holding.

Round trip: 1 hour and 5 minutes, with 660 feet of gain.