Meade County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 21, 2002
Author: Dave Covill

We drove across the Black Hills on good gravel roads to the Meade SD cohp. Mike Schwartz's directions are decent. If you do go to his turnout at mile 8.0 from Nemo at the south end start of paved CR 26, you will be about 0.2 mile beyond the lowest edge of the southeast ridge for this little hill.

Instead of walking back up 100 feet on the highway as Mike says to do, walk about 700 - 900 feet at least, to near an open grassy spot and a large solitary boulder. Cross the fence and stream here. Head up steeply on the ridge which starts at the left edge of the little draw in front of you to the west, then more gently nearer the top. Pass the first area with an outcrop at about 5,360 feet, and curve from southwest to due west, arriving at a rocky open spot that feels high. This is the false summit at 5,440 feet. The ridge becomes narrower, drops a bit, then is flat for several hundred feet, rising slightly after that to 5,360 feet. It is dense pine here, no view at all.

We did see some medium sized trees, but nothing large with pink tape as Mike had noted. No large trees at all. We wandered in all directions for a radius of about 100 feet, down in all directions. I determined by hand-level that this area was about 10 feet higher then the false summit area. We left a cairn with a dime under it, forgot to bring a register.

About 1 hour and 20 minutes round trip, but a lot was spend looking for the HP. Very hot out.