Minnehaha County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 15, 2000
Author: Ken Oeser

From Buffalo Trading Post, go south on the paved road (Highway 19) for 1.0 mile and turn right onto a gravel road. Go 2.5 miles to the largest area in the middle of the road. A pullover is on the right; crossing the fence on the left is easy. This area is probably higher than the other tiny area about 200 yards to the northwest. There is no fence on the north side, so walking to the small area is easy; there are some small trees and wood lying around on the small area. The larger area is fields on both sides of the road. The larger area crossing the road has more potential for altitude gain within the topo contours.

McCook cohp is 2 miles west and 1.5 miles north of this highpoint area.