Bedford County High Point Trip Report

3 points west of Locust Knob, on county line

Date: May 7, 2000
Author: Ken Oeser

Exit Interstate 24 at exit 89 (Epps Mill Rd), head south and immediately turn left at the service station onto Miller Rd. Follow this road for about 2.5 miles (left turn at a T at .5 mile, then the road curves right, right, and left) to Hoovers Gap Rd and turn left. Go about 1 mile and turn right onto Lynch Rd (first paved road on right). The road crests on the county line after about a mile. Park here.

A large locked gate on the left blocks driving access, but a nice gravel road leads about 0.5 mile to the summit of the largest area with a radio tower.

For the other two areas, follow the ridge through the woods down right from the tower, cross a fence, and follow a farm road up the ridge for about 0.5 mile into a field and curve to the right along the ridge. The two other areas are close together along this ridge about 300 feet apart. The first area is higher than the second area.

My altimeter watch showed 1370 ft. (not set) at the tower, 1390 ft. at the first field spot, and 1380 back at the tower, so these two spots are close in elevation. The large area with the tower has some elevation gain, but the other area is definitely higher than the second spot with the same contour.

The tower road is not posted at all; just a gate. There is a 'Keep Out' sign along the ridge road, then a 'No Hunting' sign, but it is not posted at the fence crossing area.