Bledsoe County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 23, 2000
Author: Mike Beavers

This was my second try. The first time was foggy, rainy and there are lots of roads that are not on any map. To reach the high point, take TN Highway 30 that goes between Pikeville and Dayton (home of the famous Scopes Trial). If you are coming from Pikeville after you reach the top of Walden Ridge(this area is known as Summer City) continue on until you pass a car wash. Turn left on a paved road about 1/4 mile past the carwash. This is Shut-in Gap Road but the road is not marked. If you are coming from Dayton continue on Highway 30 until you reach a country store called Crossroads on the right side of the road, then turn to your right onto Shut-in Gap Road after you pass the store. Go approximately 16 miles until you reach Holloway Ridge Road. Turn left onto this road. Stay on this road for about 2.3 miles at this point the road forks take the lower rougher road. If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle you can drive almost to the high point.

I had to start walking at this point due to some huge mud holes. I walked uphill about 0.25 mile past the mud hole on this road at this point the road levels out. Leave the road when it levels out and bushwhack uphill to the high point. The Hollway Ridge area is very confusing as there are many gravel road in this area that are not marked and are not on any maps of the area. Also, the topo map of this area shows roads that no longer exist. If any one is interested in this high point or any other high points in the area I would be glad to assist you with better direction or accompany you the trips.