Cannon County High Point Trip Report

Short Mountain

Date: March 26, 2000
Author: Mike Beavers

To reach Short Mountain take Highway 70S that goes between Murfreeboro and McMinnville. When you reach highway 146 turn onto it and go until you a sign that says "Wolf Pen Fire Tower 3 miles" this road takes you to the top of the mountain. The Fire Tower is fenced off and not reachable. So I could not get inside that area, however the elevation is about the same both inside and outside the fence.

After I visited the Fire Tower I continued on the road until it started down the mountain. Then I turned around started hitting every high point in the area. The mountain top is a ridge with several areas appearing to be about the same elevation along the top. There was also an old road that is about half way between the first and second radio tower that runs up hill. I walked to the end of it hitting the high points on the way.

There was a beautiful view at end of this road with a set of benches at the over look. Most of the Mountain is posted No Tresspassing. There are several radio towers on top of the mountain and it appears that there has been some recent construction work on top of the mountain probably new radio tower construction.

This mountain is the highest point by far in this area. The nearest high ground is the Cumberland Plateau some 15 to 20 miles away.