Crockett County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 3 and 4, 2001
Author: Ken Oeser

1 area 1/4 mile SW of Broadview

From Maury City, follow Chestnut Bluff Road west 2.25 miles to the obvious highpoint area with a water tower next to the road, a radar tower, and a taller communications tower on the highpoint. Jimmy Cook owns the area around the highpoint, and is very friendly. Knock on his door for permission to hike up and around the tower fence. The tower hill inside the fence is gravel and is not much higher than the area on the west side of the fence.

1 area 1/3 mile NE of Gadsden

From downtown Gadsden, drive northeast on Highway 79 for about 1/2 mile to the highest area of the road next to a water tower on the highpoint. Just before the road tops out, a paved driveway leads uphill to the highpoint in front of the house, and is higher than the water tower. We knocked on the door, but nobody was home.