Davidson County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 19, 2001
Author: Darryl Montgomery

From I-65, take exit 71 and head north on Highway 31. Turn left onto Otter Creek Road and follow the road to the east parking lot of the Radnor Lake Natural Area.

I paid the $3.00 day permit and started up the ridge trail. Before the trail tops out, there is a bench, dedicated to the loving memory of Bob Newton. Fifty feet further I found a primitive trail heading east (if you get to the bench that has a back, you've gone to far). Someone had tried to conceal the trailhead with some brush and twigs, but I spotted it anyway.

Following this trail, It appears to top out at the 1,115 ft mark, as shown on the topo maps, descends to the saddle, then climbs again up the north side of the ridge. The trail will descend sharply a second time and this is where I decided to climb to the top of the ridge. Skirting the houses on the right, I was able to gain the high point without trouble.