DeKalb County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 21, 1999
Author: Ken Oeser

1/2 mile southwest of Banks church (1,330 ft)

The county line has moved!!! The old topos have the Dekalb/Cannon line straight until it hits Warren county. My new County Map Book and Tennessee Gazeteer both have the county line contorted in this area. (Also see - search Short Mountain, Cannon County, pan east to county corner, look at 1/100,000 scale for the "new" county line. The zoom view is like the topo maps, which states "Indefinite Boundary". The old cohp was on the county line, on a ridge on a small knob. Now with the new shape of the county more defined, the entire knob is within Dekalb county, so the top is the highpoint!

From Short Mountain, take Highway 146 northeast for about 1.5 miles to the first paved road on the right (Half Acre Road). Turn right and go about 2.5 miles to the last house on the right before reaching a T junction at Banks Road. The owners live in this house. Knock and get permission, then hike through the field behind the house, closing two electric fence gates as you go through and past the barn. She says watch out for the black cow with a white face, it likes to chase people! Follow the field uphill to the ridge line and old liner highpoint, and follow the ridge uphill, cross a fence at a break in the tree line, and hike up to the top of the hill. There is a nice view to the north.

We crawled under a fence, walked through the barn, and crawled under the door on the opposite side to reach the last stretch of field before the house on the return in order to avoid the "mad cow".