Decatur County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 12, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

This county was listed as having 2 areas of 700'+, which I located after an interesting drive. The navigating was tricky because there was a new highway in the area that was not shown on the DeLorme map.

The two areas had recently been stripped of trees and looked pretty raw. The NW area may be a bit higher. I left a register at this knoll. A tipped-over tree root had raised dirt that may be the HP.

Days later, after reaching NC, I was informed about yet another 700' area in this county. Once again getting hold of topo maps looked to be troublesome, but this time I was able to find the sheet on the ESRI site and print out a copy.

This "Johnny come lately" area is a dinky speck in the Ponderosa Community development that overlooks Kentucky Lake ("members only", but not gated). I visited it with my family on 7-4-99. It is right near a road intersection, and a new house is put in j ust to the north. A manmade construction gravel pile is currently the HP, but this may change if the gravel is spread out for a driveway.