Decatur County High Point Trip Report

on Bath Springs and Daniels Landing quadrangles

Date: August 21, 2001
Author: Bill Schuler

The Mount Carmel Road sign off Route 100 was laying on the ground and not very noticeable. It's 4.3 miles South of Route 412. Turn left (east) toward the Tennessee Rivergolf Club and go another 10 miles to the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, west of Mount Carmel. Drive in the road passing the church to the cleared area with slash, then head west-northwest using your topographical map to find the 2 areas of 700 feet.

For the Ponderosa area, from the Interstate 40 exit #126, at county road 69, go south on Highway 69 for 6 miles. Turn left at the sign for Cherokee Heights - set odometer. At 0.9 mile is a Stop sign - go straight. At 2.2 miles, turn left on unsigned paved road. At 4.5 miles, turn right at the Ponderosa signs. Go in 1 to 1.5 miles to the high point. (Sorry, I don't have exact mileage for this as I was doing a lot of backtracking and searching.)

The gravel pile that Andy Martin mentions was nowhere to be seen. A neighbor told me which house is on the highest ground. There was no one home, there as I roamed around.