Dyer County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 10-11, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

I crossed the river and took the first bite out of the 7 areas of Dyer Co. TN. This area is shown with a 515' spot elevation on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi. The area lies just south of I 155, and when I got off the Interstate I saw that a big housing development was being put in here. Luckily development was still at the road building stage, and I was able to drive up the bluffs, and walk up the knoll where I figured the high area was. I left a register here, but construction activity will take it out soon. I tried walking north to overlook the Interstate, but ran into some weirdly eroded loess cliffs that would be pretty tough to get by.

Since I was up long before the library would open, I decided to work on the 6 remaining Dyer Co. areas. The first five were right in downtown Millsfield, so I donned the Colorado County shirt, polished up my salesmans grin, gritted my teeth, and started after them. From south to north:

1. Was by a red truck. Talked to homeowner.

2. Just across the street, and homeowner was mowing his lawn. He stalled out his motor when I went over to talk to him, but gave the OK to walk in his back yard where the HP is. Felt pretty bad about the trouble he had in restarting the mower.

3. The Millsfield fire lookout tower is on this area, and I climbed to the second landing.

4. Walked over HP in front yard.

5. A weird residence, fenced in with electric wires on the fence. The HP is very near a fence corner, which was good enough for me, as I did not want to pester this particular landowner.

Well, I was glad that was over, now on to area #7, about a mile north of Lenox. For this one I'd decided to bushwack in from the west, (access from the south is gated) up the bluffs, which involved about a 200' climb and 1/2 mile of distance, round trip. Not too bad on the map, but turned into a real hellacious bushwack in real life. Hot - humid - thick brush - poison ivy - bugs - loess cliffs - barbed wire - gulch crossing - hell's half mile in other words. I finally popped out on a grassy top. Not 100% sure where I was, but this would have to do.