Dyer County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 23, 2002
Author: Ken Oeser

For Dyer County, Andy Martin's directions are fine, but we used a different route for the area 1 mile north of Lenox. From Lenox we drove east for 0.5 mile and turned left onto a road that climbs up the ridge toward the highpoint area. This was followed about 0.8 mile to a posted gate, so we asked a neighbor about permission, and he said that West Tennessee Communications owns the ridge, and that it would be OK to park and hike in.

A farm at the end of the road is for sale and empty at this time, so we parked there, and followed a farm road north 0.3 mile to the fork in the ridge and headed northwest. At the narrowest point there are several blackberry plants, and one is now missing some thorns about 6 feet off the ground thanks to my face (2 thorns), ear (1 thorn), and scalp (1 thorn), and clothing. After 100 feet of this, the path opens up again and passes a sign stating 'Tar Hill Quail Preserve.' The trail then hits an open grassy area, and the summit is 0.1 mile northwest, in the middle of the open area.

There are nice views west and northwest here, looking out over the Mississippi River and flood plain. This should be easier than the bushwhack that Andy used to reach this area.