Gibson County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 12, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

The first 2 (in Goat Hill hamlet) of the 3 areas for this county looked to be right in someone's yard. I pulled into the drive and hollered a bit, but no one seemed to be in the weather beaten home. I wandered over to the areas a best as I could determine. If memory serves correct I crossed a fence to make sure of visiting 1 (both ?) of them.

I accessed the third (southern) area from the road to its north. It was on top of a nice small hill, and I left a register on a fence post by an abandoned car, which seemed out of place in the tall grass. I investigated the ground in some nearby trees, and 20 to 50 feet into them is a funny mound about 3 feet high that could be the HP.