Gibson County High Point Trip Report

area 1 mile ENE of Medina

Date: February 2001
Author: Ken Oeser

The owner of the access to this point is very friendly, but does not live on the property. To access it, drive east from Medina on Highway 152 for about 0.5 mile and turn left onto a farm road to a gate near the road. The gate is posted "No Trespassing," but the owner says it is OK to hike in on this road, or drive in if it is open. Some of his friends stop by to fish in his pond sometimes, so explain why you are there if you meet them. The owner's name is David Utley, phone #615-741-0971, e-mail. . He plans to build a house on the property someday, but doesn't know when. Due to the size of this area, and the relative flatness of the other 2 areas, this is probably the true highpoint of Gibson county.