Grainger County High Point Trip Report

1 area 1 mile SE of Fairview on Clinch Mountain (2520+ ft)

Date: July 2000
Author: Ken Oeser

From Bean Station take Highway 25E north to the split with Highway 11W. Follow Highway 25E about 1 mile until it turns left to start climbing Clinch Mountain. Park at the curve and walk to the large, red "Hazardous Chemicals" transportation sign.

A small creek comes down the mountain here. Hike up either side of this creek to the top of the mountain 1300 feet higher. This creek leads to a saddle just west of the highpoint. On the west side, watch out for some minor gullies at about 1600 feet; these will take you away from the main gully. There may be a house or trailer at about 2000 feet; I didn't get close enough to see exactly what. From the saddle above the creek, hike east a few hundred feet to the summit ridge area. First reached are some rocks sticking up, but after a small saddle, a section of the ridge seems to rise higher. A metal stake with an orange cap on it is in the ground here, and some old, pink flagging tape is wrapped around a small tree here. There are no roads on the ridge. Watch your bearings when heading down; there are several small ridges that look similar. The only 'No Trespassing' sign I saw was at a dirt road on the east side of the creek and red sign.