Greene County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 1999
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

This report overrules my report from 6-12-99. On that day we did Camp Creek Bald, one of the two contending HPs for the county. Using a water bottle from the lookout tower, it appeared that Gravel Knob was higher and that Big Rocks was the same height. We then tried to hike around to Gravel Knob and stopped on Big Rocks from which Camp Creek Bald appeared to be the same height and Gravel Knob still appeared higher. I got confused at the next summit, thought I was at Gravel and did not realize my error until I double-checked the quad at the library. That trip simply convinced me Gravel Knob is the true HP and today we finally bagged it. We parked at Devils Fork Gap (1st exit into TN from NC on US 23 is Flag Pond. Follow this left and then right to 352 and then go left on 352 back to NC line) and hiked 6 miles southbound on the AT to revisit Big Rocks, passing a shelter at mile 2.7. We then returned about a mile north to where the AT first reached the ridgeline. From here a wide unmarked trail goes off to the right (for northbounders) and as you ascend you will find yellow blazes that lead a third of a mile (or more) to the summit. This made for a 12+ mile hike. Fred previously mentioned that one can park much closer on the NC side and reduced the hike by perhaps half but the connecting trail to the AT was not well maintained.