Grundy County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 29, 2000
Author: Mike Beavers

Grundy County has two high points. One of them is at a old fire tower just past the Grundy/Marion County line. The fire tower is only about 100 feet off of State Highway 108. I did not climb the fire tower because of the icy steps. I found a survey marker in a field next to the fire tower. The marker is in on top of a concrete pedestal about 2 feet tall. The marker is behind an old work shed in a field with a radio tower in it. I did not see any other markers in the area, if there are, any because of the ice and snow.

The access to the other high point is on the other side of highway 108 about a 100 yards away from the fire tower. This area is where Grundy, Marion, and Sequatchie counties all meet. This area is also a high point for all three counties. It is located in a place called Laager Youth Camp. The area was not posted as a no trespassing area, so we parked at the gate and walked to the high point.

The high point appears to be behind a enclosed picnic shed and close to an outhouse.