Hamblen County High Point Trip Report

Crockett Ridge (1,952 ft)

Date: May 28, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

Hamblen County's high point lies on the northwest side of Morristown, TN. This hilltop has now been completely developed with private homes.

From the intersection of US 11E and TN 110, a short distance north of the Hamblen/Jefferson county line, go northeast on 11E for about 3.5 miles to West Economy Road. Turn left (north) on W. Economy and take it 0.9 miles to its end at a "T" intersection. Turn left (northwest) on North Economy Rd. and follow it for about 0.8 miles as it climbs and bends around to the right (north). Turn right (east) on Spangle Lane and follow it for about 0.4 miles to its end at a "T" intersection. Turn left at this intersection and follow the road as it swings around to the east and then south. The highest ground appears to be around a house on the east side of the street. Park here.

The owner of the house occupying the high ground was quite cordial when I rang his doorbell at 7:45 on a Sunday evening. He had no problem with my wandering around his house, and took me over to the bench mark. BM "Crockett 2" is located a few feet east of the street about on the property line between the highest house and the next house north.

The owner said that he didn't know whether his hill or one a mile north (Boatman Mountain, not visible from this vantage point because of vegetation) was the county's highest point. However, a subsequent check showed that it's not close: Crockett Ridge is more than 300 feet higher than Boatman Mountain. Perhaps the next highpointer to visit the Hamblen Co. high point can assure the property owner that he is indeed occupying the county's highest point.