Hamilton County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 13, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

This is a very interesting HP on top of the populated Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga. The main road to the top leads by several tourist hangouts, and must drive the residents batty on their commutes.

At the top I visited the southern area, which has 2 huge water towers in the middle of a circular road. I took this to be the HP, and left a register by an east hold down bolt in the smaller tower. A friendly resident said there was some uncertainty as to the location of the Lookout Mountain HP, and another possibility is a college 3 miles to the south (in GA).

Next I was off to the northern area, and drove around the block here a couple times. Some pretty fancy houses sit in this area. I walked the sidewalk to the east, looking for BM Lookout 2146, but was unable to find it. Struck up a conversation with a college kid sitting on a porch:

Me Him
I have an unusual hobby Yes
Collecting county high points Yes
Your house may be sitting right on one Yes
And a government marker is supposed
to be right along this sidewalk Yes

At which point I got tired of this one sided conversation and headed back to the car. In any case, I'm not completely satisfied with my ascent of this area, but hopefully had my head above the HP.