Hamilton County Highpoint Trip Report

Lookout Mtn

Date: June 7, 2007
Author: Brennan Connelly

Located on the southwest side of Chattanooga, TN, in a residential neighborhood, on the top of a prominent and historic mountain, overlooking the Tennessee River.

Take Exit 178 off I-24 on the west side of Chattanooga and head south on South Broad Street. After 1.3 miles, veer left (south) on Tennessee Avenue (TN 17). Pass through a railroad viaduct and, at mile 1.5, veer right (west) on Saint Elmo Avenue (TN 17 & 58). Follow this as it curves southwest and at mile 1.8 turn right onto Ochs Highway which ascends the wooded slopes of Lookout Mountain.

At mile 2.1, turn right onto the Ochs Highway Extension, which becomes South Forest Avenue. At mile 2.8, come to Scenic Highway (which is the other main access route to the top of Lookout Mountain but it was closed for construction). At Scenic Highway, turn left (west) and proceed one block and turn right (north) onto South Bragg Avenue. Zero your odometer.

At 0.4 mile, pass through a 4-way junction (with Watuagua on the left) and continue north on North Bragg Avenue. At mile 0.6, pass West Watkins Street on the left (west). At mile 0.7 notice the water tank on the left (west) and park your car. Walk around the tank. The highest ground appears to be 1) on the far side (west) of the tank between West Averill Street and East Averill Street, 2) in the yard where East Averill Street reaches the tank, and 3) on the south side of the tank. Continue north on North Bragg Avenue and at mile 0.8, just after Morrison Street, park your car at the rise in the street to see the high ground in the yard on the left (west) side of the street, at mailbox 815 "Davis."

If you continue north another 0.1 mile on North Bragg Avenue, you'll reach East Brow Road, which provides access to the left to Point Park (operated by NPS), and to the right to the top of the Incline Railway and a gift shop there.