Hancock County High Point Trip Report

Newman Ridge

Date: August 17, 2002
Author: Mike Beavers

Using Ken Oeser's directions, I completed the second of the two potential high points in Hancock County. Ken's directions are excellent. It would have been extremely difficult for me to find this spot by myself since the roads, etc. have changed greatly since the last time the topo map was updated.

The land that Ken said to park next to is for sell. The land next to the part for sale, as well as most of the rest of the land in this area, is heavily posted. I ran into a gentleman that was looking for some people on ATV's. He wasn't real happy about them being on his property. I asked him permission to park next to the for sale sign and walk up the hill. He said that it was OK.

I started hiking up hill following Ken's direction and soon came to an area that was being logged. I started following the road up to the top and met a truck coming down the hill. I stopped and talked to them and asked permission again. They said that they didn't own the land but the man that did own it would not mind me hiking on to the top of the mountain as long as I was not hunting or destroying is property. The new logging road that I found goes almost to the top of the mountain. It may be possible to get permission from the owner of the land and drive almost all the way to the top. The new road is not far from where Ken suggested to park. This area may have some nice views as Ken suggested but the day I was there was a typical hazy Tennessee day with low visibility.