Hardin County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 12, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

Until Hardin Co. I had enjoyed a nice streak of dry weather, but it was drizzling as I ventured out to the first of the 3 areas for Hardin Co., just south of State Route 69. Timber had been recently cleared here, and I spotted a hunter's ladder, and hunting shack on wheels. The HP itself was not too hard to spot.

The other two areas were well wooded, and it was hard to spot and exact HP for either of them. I wandered around a bit in both of them, long enough to attract several ticks. The register was left in the southernmost of these two areas, just east of the road.

Coordinates and topo charts for the three highpoints -

(35° 3' 39.0" N, 88° 0' 4.8" W)
Topo chart

(35° 3' 29.4" N, 88° 0' 5.4" W)
Topo chart

(35° 1' 36.0" N, 88° 1' 36.6" W)
Topo chart