Jefferson County Highpoint Trip Report

English Mtn

Date: July 4, 2004
Author: Andy Martin

I found Ken Oeser's directions to the parking spot for this peak to be quite good. This saved lots of time. Parking is near the highest house on the road, which is now completely rebuilt after a fire. On my way out, I had a nice chat with the homeowner and his wife. He said it was OK for cohpers to park at the location given by Ken. I was curious why the road beyond his place, which took a lot of expensive blasting work to put in through the sandstone rock, had been allowed to deteriorate so badly. He explained that years ago the developers had put in the road, sold lots high on the mountain that were next to impossible to build on, and then quit maintaining the road.

There is a huge new berm on this road about 1/3 mile in, just before it levels off. The homeowner said this was recently placed to keep ATV's from getting on top of the mountain, which is a private boar-hunting area. He also said there had been an accident with a girl and an ATV on the mountain.

In any case I found the hike straightforward. The Williamson cut-off at Split Gap is a handy shortcut that was used going up and down. Had a hard time finding BM ENGLISH 1891 1930 1933 in the brush, but it turned out to be only 5 feet from the blue post and blue rock.

The weather finally cleared, and great views to the west could be had from the lookout tower (if it was open). The homeowner mentioned that "The Lookoff" (on map) provides fine views.

On the way back I enjoyed both the blackberries beside the road and also finishing a hike with dry boots. Upgraded my accommodations by staying at a state park and taking a shower.