Madison County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 13, 1999
Author: Ken Oeser

In eastern Madison County, take the Highway 152 exit from Interstate 40 and drive 1 mile south to Highway 412/20. Drive east for about a mile and turn right onto Crawford Springs Road. (The Henderson County line is about a mile east of this road.) Follow Crawford Springs Road for about a mile. Just past the junction with Gurley Road coming in from the left, drive south about 1000 feet to the first, larger area on the right side of the road.

Another 1000 feet down the road is the second, smaller area on the right side of the road. The two areas are higher than the road, so get out and visit each area until satisfied.

Coordinates and topo charts for the two highpoints -

(35° 41' 58.2" N, 88° 36' 36.0" W)
Topo chart

(35° 41' 49.8" N, 88° 36' 34.2" W)
Topo chart