Marshall County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 11, 2000
Author: Ken Oeser

From Lewisburg, drive southeast on Highway 431 about 1 mile and turn right onto Industrial Park Drive, across the highway from a golf course. Drive south about 0.8 mile, then turn left onto Old Belfast Road. Go 1 mile and turn right onto Snake Creek Road. Drive south and bear left at the fork with Stammer Road at 1.2 miles. From the fork go about 0.3 mile to a chert road on the left and park. Hike up the chert road about 200 feet, and take a horse trail uphill to the left, up a steep creek bed. Pass Blowing Cave after about 1000 feet, then hike another 150 feet to a 'gate' through a fence to a large field. Hike northeast along the fence to the left, then down to the left (north) to a saddle and back up along a farm road/horse trail. Continue along this ridge for about 0.5 mile to the first area, just beyond a fence. This point is on a wooded knoll. Another horse trail is at the top.

To get to the second area, hike northeast along a horse trail down to a saddle and back up to a ridge. The opposite side of the ridge is posted 'NO TRESPASSING,' but not the horse. Follow the horse trail east for about 1000 feet to the second point, where the trail turns right and heads south. Again the area just past the trail is posted. This area is also wooded.

Using my watch altimeter, this area was 20 feet higher than the first area, but I didn't go to the top of the first area on the return trip, so I didn't get to double check it. This is not highly accurate, but a 20 foot difference when it reads to the nearest 10 feet is somewhat significant.