Meigs County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 18, 2001
Author: Ken Oeser

Mike Beavers' directions are roughly OK, but not all the turns. So from Decatur, drive east on Highway 30 about 0.5 mile and turn left onto Legg Hollow Road, follow this about 2 miles to an intersection with No Pone Valley Road. Turn left and go just over a mile to a church and turn right just past the church. This road passes a sharp left fork after 0.2 mile, and curves left at a split after another about 0.4 mile, and the gate/parking spot is about 200 yards past the split on the right. This does seem to be state forest or timber property, and is not posted.

We followed the gravel road right to its end, then bushwhacked uphill along the ridge to the top. The weeds were higher than my head, but not many blackberries. We then hit the woods and hiked to the fire tower. We finally located the benchmark lower than the fire tower, toward the lower radio tower.

I felt pretty good about the weeds, so I decided to hike straight down the mountain toward the car. About 100-150 feet down (of the total 400) we hit thick blackberries, and angled down around them, but after 15 minutes dead-ended in head-high blackberries. We headed back uphill about 50 feet and around to the southeast. This area was much better, with occasional blackberries that we could work through and around, and about 100 feet uphill of the gravel road it opened into partial dirt where we could easily walk to the gravel road. Distance is 1 mile round trip with 400 foot gain.

Comments: This is a fine challenge for any cohper, but the gravel road to its end and bushwhacking up that way is not so bad, so go that way. The top does look state owned, with the tower and building in good shape. There are two 'No Trespassing' signs in front of and beside the building only, and a typical warning sign on the fire tower. Many fire towers have been sold to private ownership, so this may have been also.