Montgomery County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas (800+ ft)

Date: July 8, 2000
Author: Ken Oeser

From Clarksville, take Highway 13 southwest for a few miles an turn left onto Highway 235 south. Go about 5 miles to the small town of Marion.

spot elevation 1/4 mile NE of Marion

Turn right onto Indian Creek Road and go to Marion United Methodist Church. Drive to the cemetery behind the church. The cemetery seems to be the highest area in this contour; it is at least 10 feet above the road and probably the 806 benchmark.

1 area 1/2 mile north of Marion

Drive north 0.5 mile to a large water tower on the right within the contour on the map. Turn into the driveway on the left and knock on the door of Anthony Jones. His house is about 10 feet above the road (which is within the contour); the field behind his house and across his back fence are about the same elevation as his house. The ridge across the fence is probably a little lower.

small area 1/3 mile NE of Marion

Drive east on Indian Creek Road. Just past the church and benchmark 806 is a mailbox on the left with a gravel road. Turn left onto the gravel road and go about 100 feet. A gate on the left leads up to an abandoned trailer. This small highpoint is just behind the trailer, but is pretty flat, and compared to the gains in the other 2 areas, this is probably not the actual highpoint.