Polk County Highpoint Trip Report

Big Frog Mtn (4,224 ft)

Date: May 2, 2005
Author: Roy Schweiker

If the USGS maps are correct, Big Frog Mountain lies at the juncture of the Big Frog, Cohutta, and Big Frog Mountain Wildernesses and thus would be a three-fer HP. It is a fine, eastern hike with easy walking and moderate grades but westerners may be disappointed with the lack of views. The driving directions were comforting in this featureless area, although actually I found the trailhead using the Forest map and there was a large signboard proving I was at the right place.

I went up the Chestnut Mountain Trail and the discrepancy in distance Fred Lobdell notes may be because a foot path stays on the ridge while the horse trail makes a long switchback not shown on the USGS map. The Wolf Ridge Trail had been recently pruned and there was evidence of use by horse and bear. There is actually a 6-way junction near the summit if you count the side path to the campsite; note carefully the way you came up as none of them is signed. I did not bring my 100-foot steel tape so I could not determine which estimate of the distance left to the HP was correct.

I drove out the other way for variety. The rough road continues 1.8 miles to a fine parking lot for Jacks River Falls, then a better road for 4.3 more miles to FR 221 2.3 miles south of Sylco Campground.