Putnam County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 25, 2000
Author: Fred Lobdell

The high point of Putnam County lies on the Cumberland County line just south of I-40, where a small 2,060-foot contour touches the county line.

From the I-40 exit for US 70N and TN 24 in Monterey, TN, drive southeast on 70N/24, parallel to I-40, for about 4 miles. US 70N will pass under I-40, going from the south side of the interstate highway to the north side, then shortly pass back under I-40 to the south side. IMMEDIATELY (within 50 feet) after emerging from under the second bridge, turn hard right onto a paved road that parallels I-40. Almost immediately (within 100 to 200 feet, just past the first house on the left) there will be a newly graveled road going left (west). Turn up this gravel road for about a third of a mile. You will pass over one small rise, drop gently into a depression, then climb a second rise. Stop: you are here.

It appears that at this point the fence and tree line coincide with the county line. The highest area is right along the fence line, where the ground at the foot of the trees is a couple of feet higher than that in the adjacent fields. It is possible, a few feet up the road, to pass through the fence, but there seems little point in doing this as you'll be passing into Cumberland County at the same time. The land is not posted.